Hunting Games or furthermore “Raise and Taming games”

  • That Franchise all Started with games like Draqon Quest Monsters, which is a Spin off title to the Dragon Warrior series published by Square Enix, which appeared 1998 in Japan 1999 in Europe and 2000 in North America.

dragon warrior

  • Digimon which had their first game Digital Monster Ver. S: Digimon Tamers released in the year 1998 which was published by Bandai, however Digimon is mainly known, cause of the anime.


  • And of course, Pokemon.With the Green and Red version in Japan originally being released in the year 1996. Even more famous was the Pokemon game Yellow, which orientated itself on the Anime, with Pikachu  being the main “pet” of the hero.


  • So adding all the versions, there were and are quite a lot of monster games around.
  • While we’re on the Anime subject, not only Pokemon  got the attention to the franchise, there of course is also Digimon.
  • With Digimon airing the first series of their anime also in the year 1999 in the form of Digimon Adventures, Pokemon is aired since 1997 in Japan.

Digimon_Digital_Monsters_Season_1_DVD_Cover Pokemonseason1DVDBoxSet

  • So surely at least a large amount of you grew up with these very animes. If they were the reason you played the game, or just an anime you knew, because you played the game.
  • In the end, one of these factors had any kind of influence on your childhood for sure. So why am I just throwing these numbers at you ?
  • Well, this article is about Pokemon online games and Pokemon like online games, therefore the background story should be interesting to know.
  • Afterall, the franchise is around and growing steadily since 18 years.

So how did I find my way to these games ?

  • As many of you might already have expected, I was still a little boy back then. My parents were kinda old school, and so it took some time for me to finally get my hands on one of those handheld consoles. Back then there were no MMO or MMORPG which I could’ve played, so getting a Gameboy was the only way to go.
  • So after either bugging them enough, or being rewarded for something I could not remember for the life of me, it finally happened. On Christmas I finally got a Gameboy Color, I was surprised, since I never did see that coming. But not as many of you would expect with a Pokemon edition, my very first Video Game was Dragon Quest Monster. I guess it is unnecessary to say, that I invested every free minute of my childhood into playing that game.
  • It came with a stunning breeding system, a ton of monsters and randomly generated dungeons, it was amazing.
  • A bit later I got my hands on the Yellow edition cartridge, luckily my cousin got the blue one, so after either of us finished his edition, we were able to trade them with each other and experience a new adventure. Same as with the next generation.
  • That trading stopped with the Gameboy Advance and Gen3, which I would trade and link trade with friends.
  • With all of my experience of both games, I of course got stuck on that franchise and got about any game ever released, yes, even the Trading Card Game,

pokeca-3 Pokemon Trading Card Game Pokémon_Trading_Card_Game_Coverart

  • while that certainly was not one of the best Pokemon games, it certainly was fun nonetheless.
  • I suppose unlike me, many of you did not start with the DQM series, but furthermore with Pokemon  directly.
  • Till today the best Pokemon game for me, out of the huge Pokemon games list, is Emerald.

Pokemon_Emerald_01 (1) Pokemon_Emerald_01 Pokémon_Smaragd-Edition

  • Of course with all the free Pokemon games around I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you found your way to these games in a different way than me.
  • Maybe even via a browser mmorpg, free rpg game or any kind of online rpg games ?

What are those games ?

  • The how to play Pokemon is easy. Same as in the original Dragon Quest Monster, you’re a kid, the kid is the hero, on your journey, you find many monster “pets”.
  • You befriend or catch them, then you train them, and beat whatever evil threatens the land.
  • The focus of those games mainly lying in the taming and raising of those monsters.
  • Like you see, not too complex overall, but the complexity lies in the details of the fighting, breeding and training system.
  • However, there also are the RPG versions of these hunting games.
  • Of course the first name popping up is Monster Hunter.
  • And like I mentioned earlier, Dragon Warriors or Dragon Quest.

Dragon-Quest-IX Monster-Hunter-4-Ultimate

  • These games focus on the hunting concept, instead of the catch and raise concept.
  • Means you’re the hero and you have to hunt these beasts down and defeat them, instead of befriending them, the later games online features almost making them, or furthermore allowing them to be called online games or even MMORPG.
  • While the currently free online games and browser games mainly focus on the first called aspect, the taming, the later named hunting games have no such huge impact on those genres.
  • However, the online Pokemon games definitely affect the community, but that is something to address later on.
  • Till today, the franchise had many side games consisting of stuff from the real games, but not the same game concept.
  • One of those examples would definitely be Pokemon Snap, where you basically take a roller coaster like tour through a Jurassic park like poke park, and would take snapshots of the Pokemon you see in that park.

pokemon snap

  • Pokemon Battles Games like Pokemon Stadium and Stadium 2 were another spin off.
  • Where you would just pick a team out of all the Pokemon in the generation, without the whole RPG aspect and battle other teams. There also were funny little mini games, so it was a good option as a party game.

pokemon stadium 2 pokemon stadium

  • Another game which I would define as a Pokemon battle game is the Colloseum GameCube game, where you are a trainer and fight constant 2v2 battles, to free Pokemon from a team which controls them via devices.


  • As for DQM, well, the series itself is an spin off series of the Dragon Warrior / Quest series, which had those tameable monsters as enemies and mobs in the main game.
  • Those are mainly RPG games with the regular level your character, learn skills, form a group and battle the evil play style.
  • So with having the hunt able stuff as enemies in a rpg game and the option to tame them in a spin off title, it certainly compliments each other.
  • So the Pokemon Chart of games definitely is extremely long, after all Pokemon got about the most spin off titles. While all of those definitely were fun games, they also increased the popularity of the main games.
  • So let’s do a bit of analyzing on how much these games developed.
  • Today, many of the f2p mmo games make use of what the Pokemon Games got, which is only natural, after all that is the most successful series.
  • Remember it ? The very beginning ? These Pixel mass which you learned to love ? The lack of color ?

pokemon blue gyrados pokemon blue 2 pokemon blue 1

  • The Pokemon Maps and the Pokedex improved also, with season influencing the areas, and stuff like the Pokemon-Radar or the habitat list improving the Pokemon Pokedex a lot.
  • Compared to back in the days, the Pokemon list boasts a little more than 5 times the amount nowadays. The list of all Pokemon increased from 151 to 767 to be precise.
  • If so your childhood was great ! if you do not, I highly advise you to give these games a try, even though they are old, they surely are gold.
  • Even the list of Pokemon abilities grew large, and became more important in the newer games and for PvP as well.
  • Breeding played a big role later on as well, allowing to get Better IVs and unique only via breeding available moves, if you ask me, clearly adapted from DQM, which certainly is not a bad thing, quite the opposite to be honest.
  • Last but not least, we got the Digimon Digivolve  inspired Mega Evolutions, and again, it certainly is not bad in any way, Nintendo and Gamefreak came up with their own unique way of handling it and therefore improving the game mechanics a lot!
  • Constantly improving the Pokemon type chart with types like dark fairy etc. and still keeping the well balance of the types chart and the Pokemon effectiveness chart is amazing in itself.
  • With such a type chart Pokemon got, the type coverage became a huge part of the competitive play.
  • Of course let’s not forget the Pokemon natures. With all the different natures Pokemon provides, which add bonus to certain stats, the competitive factor of the games grew as well, allowing even the PvP community to grow big.
  • With a steadily increasing fanbase, which consists of all kinds of people, fake Pokemon or commonly known as Fakemon  came to existence, and therefore also fan made games.
  • So not only so called Pokemon “hacks” or Rom hacks but also a lot of free to play titles popped up, some browser based games, others require clients to download.
  • Even more interesting is the fact that some Pokemon rpg are so called creepypastas, which turn the story into a horror tale, while those may not hit everyone’s taste, the majority of them certainly are games for kids.
  • Then of course new Pokemon games online free features like the Wonder-trade which allows you to trade Pokemon online free with other players. Of course also the options to invite players to all kind of various things etc.
  • Theses are free games online no download features, means you do not need to install or download anything to your Nintendo DS.
  • It’s no wonder that these online Pokemon features made the community and fans crave for more, thus also influencing the free rpg games and the free online mmorpg scene.
  • With the games improving, so did the community, so there are whole wikis developed around it, Pokemon stat calculator special sites like smogon focusing on PvP builds, so if you want to look at it that way, all kinds of Pokemon calculator.
  • Some of these features were so good, that programmers decided to implement game own versions of those in their free mmorpgs.

How did the taming principe developed?

  • Well, in DQM you needed to feed them “Meat”. Certain kinds of those meat held different chances of success, of course, the most expensive one held the best chance.
  • As to the newer games like Joker and Joker 2 you need to “scout” them, this is a battle command, which can be used as much as you like. I would call it somewhat like the catching mechanic of Pokemon ranger.

DQMJ-2-max-tension-plus-oomphle-scout-chance DQMJ-2-normal-scout-chance DQMJ-2-scouting-guide

  • As for Pokemon, it stayed true to it’s basics. With introducing all kinds of Poke Balls however, the chances and complexity of those very basics changed, even Status Effects
    influencing it to some degree.


  • In games like Digimon World, your Digipartner does the catching for you. You need to tell your partner to catch the Digimon upon encountering it.

How did evolution change?

  • Well in Dragon Quest Monsters, you do not evolve your Monsters at all, the only way to evolve or transform it is via breeding.
  • You need certain breeding components either of 2 species, or later on specific monsters to reach the next “tier” of “evolution” for those mons.


  • In Digimon, the tamer would need to get a bond with his Digimon, the digivolve is mainly triggered by the trainer “evolving”, thus the trainers progress is what’s allowing his Digimon to reach far greater heights. This is definitely similar to the Mega-Evolution in Pokemon.


  • In Pokemon, your pet needed to reach a certain level gained via experience points, so the Pokemon itself progressing is what let it reach to greater heights.
  • In the later Generations, a bond between the trainer and the Pokemon, along with a device called “Key Stone” and the required Mega stone for the Pokemon.
  • Via the Mega evolution the Pokemon is able to unleash it’s whole potential for the duration of a battle, so it’s more of a form change rather than a new evolution stage.


  • So, Pokemon certainly implemented and adapted ideas from other games and series to improve, however due to it only adapting them, they were able to turn them to something unique and thus allowing the game to get better and better.
  • Even so far that other online mmorpg included their own versions of that, like a Giga-Evolution.

10005-Giga-Nightilisk 868-Nightilisk 10003-Giga-Dragonoon 867-Dragonoon

So what are these free games online we’re talking about ?

  • The lack of free games and mmorpg games, even though, the newest features almost making them such, of the franchise, made several programmers and fans do create exactly that.
  • They are fan made games, means free online rpg games which are not from the official developers or publishers. while you can play Pokemon games online, there are just equally much not Pokemon hunting games, which the best mmorpg games still follow the basics of the game we all know too good, but totally own “monsters”.
  • Of course with a lot of fans around, the list of monsters is large, even more than those of Pokemon.

7-Tempteras 2-Jolteta 35-Stromeleon (1)

  • While the overall game concept stays the same, some of these games come in with a whole new set of maps, own battle mechanic and sometimes even own natures, abilities, attacks and of course Designs.
  • While some free mmo games decided to put more weight into the PvP aspect, other free online Pokemon games follow the hunting path more.
  • So, not only the original, but also the Pokemon online game evolved, implemented new features, new mons, own ideas, to that degree, that today the free browser games are not just plain f2p mmorpg carbon copies, but furthermore real own games.
  • With that said, you can clearly tell that due to the original progressing, also the mmo rpg aspect increased. Allowing for more builds with new stuff implemented in the real games.
  • So there are many reasons why you should play Pokemon online free stuff, which we will address some of now.

What features do these browser mmo have?

  • Well, as already stated above, these mmo games adapted many of the usual game features, but with certain limitations etc. so the best free online game boast all unique things.
  • Whether it is just a different battle mechanic, or a different damage calculation, or even completely new things with just artwork or resemblance to the Original.
  • Since some Pokemon rpg online use artwork made by fans, the looks may vary from what you know, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.

10151-Shiny-Mega-Mewtwo-Y (1) 470-Leafeon 2342-Shiny-Crawdaunt

  • So what would classify one of those as top mmorpg or best mmorpg, well of course the best free mmorpg or free mmo should be completely free to play, they should stay true to the games, and in my opinion, not only have original, but also new fan wished mechanics and options in them.
  • So to play Pokemon online, there is nothing required except for a browser or sometimes a client which need to be downloaded, I myself prefer the free online games no download variant, since it requires nothing at all to be played therefore the free games no download ones can be started directly. And of course, you can play most of these games online free that’s what defines them as best browser games in the first place.
  • So via the browser you’re able to play a Pokemon game online, and thus meeting new adventures and friends and everything which got your attention in the regular ones.
  • So as you now know these Pokemon fan games and their none Pokemon alternatives have quite some stuff to offer, which is still based all on the real features and mechanics, just adjusted so we kind of have definite proof and a crystal clear example on how all of that affects each other.
  • Now a quick showcase of what i was saying and we come to the end of this article. So just let me show you some more of the art I was talking about in these browser based mmorpg

Game-Maps-Search-MonsterMMORPG Battle-Wild-Monster-MonsterMMORPG pokemon-mmo-rpg-game-PokemonPets-all-pokemon-list-page-hd-gameplay-screenshot pokemon-mmo-rpg-game-PokemonPets-game-maps-overworld-page-hd-gameplay-screenshot

  • I will use that point to state my opinion on the free mmorpg games. In my opinion, the future of those games lies in the Pokemon online rpg and those games like Pokemon. The top free mmorpg simply have the option to be constantly and faster updated.
  • And of course you can play these Pokemon games free. The option to be available for everyone, and the option to implement exactly the stuff the huge fan base wants, are simply enough arguments.
  • In my opinion these Pokemon mmo and Pokemon mmorpg are perfect alternatives while you’re waiting for your official one to get released.
  • However of course those Pokemon fan games need the new stuff from Gamefreak and Nintendo, to introduce new stuff themselves and adjust to the official versions, therefore both compliment each other.
  • So is there a best free to play mmo ? Surely there is, but without advertising any, I just suggest to try some and see which of the rpg games online you like the most 😛
  • Thanks for reading this small article, I hope it did help you understand and see how all of that could happen and is.
  • And of course I hope that some of you find a free to play mmorpg to spend their time in while waiting for the next official releases!
  • With that being said, over and out.

Written by : Dennis Adomat